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Selling = Persuasion,  Persuasion = Influence,  Influence = Helping Others Get What They Want, Helping Others = Getting What You Want

100 Days Of Sales Greatness Will Help You To...
 Know how to overcome the toughest objections... 
 Build massive value in your product or service your clients just have to buy...
 The non verbal steps you must take with every client to become more persuasive...
It's an absolute honor and privilege to call Dave Benson not only a mentor, but a true friend who loves people❗

People who genuinely care about others and their well being is a VERY HARD trait to find......

But that's exactly who Dave is!! He is an inspiration not only to me, but to many others that he has affected the same way!! 👊👊👏👏👏
AJ Andersen
I have known Dave Benson for over 10 years and his passion to equip and train salespeople to their full potential is infectious. 

Whether you are starting out in sales, or have many years of selling under your belt, you can ALL take valuable lessons from the Dave's expertise!
Andrew Hood
I have had many trainers over my 17 years in the sales industry and have found Dave to be one of the most honest and hardworking trainers I have been associated with.
His book is a great read and has many great attributes and lessons in it that can not only be used for your sales career, but also your life in general! 
Troy Te Nana

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