The NEW Inbound & Outbound Phone Strategies For Car Sales In 2019!
What's Included In The 30 Part Video Series
Lesson #1:
Phone Mastery - Introduction 
Lesson #2:
Lesson #3:
Appointment Times
Lesson #4:
Goals - Ours and Theirs 
Lesson #5:
Types Of Appointments 
Lesson #6:
Getting Customers In
Lesson #7:
What Not To Do Part 1 
Lesson #8:
What Not To Do Part 2 
Lesson #9:
Phone Plan Four
Lesson #10:
Why Phone Plan Four?
Lesson #11:
The Greeting Part 1 
Lesson #12:
The Greeting Part 2 
Lesson #13:
The Greeting Part 3 
Lesson #14:
The Needs Part 1 
Lesson #15:
The Needs Part 2
Lesson #16: 
The Needs Part 3 
Lesson #17:
The Contact Details 
Lesson #18:
The Appointment 
Lesson #19:
Creating Urgency
Lesson #20:
Appointment Confirmation Part 1
Lesson #21: Appointment Confirmation Part 2
Lesson #22:
Selling Over The Phone 
Lesson #23:
Internet Enquiries 
Lesson #24:
The Interstate Shopper 
Lesson #25:
Same Day Follow Up - Step 1 
Lesson #26:
Same Day Follow Up - Step 2
Lesson #27:
Same Day Follow Up - Step 3
Lesson #28:
Same Day Follow Up - Step 4
Lesson #29:
Take It To Them
Lesson #30:
The Power Of Scheduled Follow Up & Referral Business
Meet Dave
Dave is an internationally recognised Sales and Marketing Coach with more than 19 years experience in the automotive industry.

Dave started his career as a sales cadet at Suttons Holden in Sydney back in 2001 and quickly became one of Australia’s youngest General Sales Managers, before moving to the role of National Sales Trainer for Mitsubishi Motors Australia and then starting his own training company. 

He is the author of the best selling book 100 Days of Sales Greatness and is the founder of the Sales Hustlers car salesman movement which has more than 14,000 members from 11 countries and runs a yearly conference “Hustle & Grind” with more than 500 attendees each year in Orlando Florida.
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