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Hi I’m Dave Benson, and I want to be your sales coach. I’m a Sydney boy, born and bred in the St George area, but recently moved to Bali Indonesia with my wife and amazing children Aria, Solomon and Andi where we run our training and coaching business from and enjoy the beautiful tropical climate.

I’ve been in sales for over 16 years now, starting out selling cars with Holden in Sydney, quickly becoming a Sales Manager of multiple dealerships, National Sales Trainer for one of the biggest brands in Australia and then starting my training and coaching business in 2013. Every year I get the privilege to help sales people all over the world maximise their selling potential through conventional sales methods and social media and online strategies. 

My clients range from large automotive groups and dealerships like Mercedes Benz Sydney to individual sales people just wanting to take the next step and become great. I’m proud to get so much feedback that my training and coaching has helped many of my clients double their sales in just 90 days!

I’ve also recently finished my first book, “100 Days of Sales Greatness” and now have caught the bug for writing! Watch out New York Times Best Sellers List! :)

When I’m not helping salespeople become sales hustlers, I’m watching the NBA, Go Golden State!, playing basketball (It’s true “white men can’t jump!), spending time in the pool with the kids or travelling around the world with the family to experience new cultures and experiences.

I look forward to having the opportunity of helping you maximise your selling potential because I believe if you can be great at sales, you can build the life you always wanted!
  • Mobile   +62 812 382 444 34
  •  Office   +61 2 8006 7942
  •  Email   dave@davebenson247.com
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  • Mobile   +62 812 382 444 34
  •  Office   +61 2 8006 7942
  •  Email   dave@davebenson247.com
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