3 Ways To Start Selling Cars On Your Social Media Pages
Posted on June 20th, 2017
In 1964, Bob Dylan wrote the song "The Times They Are a-Changin'” and those words couldn’t be closer to the truth for automotive dealerships in 2017.

A survey conducted last year in the UK by CarKeys.co.uk concluded that 97% of new car buyers arrive at dealerships having conducted extensive online research that informs their car buying intentions with over 39% spending 4 months or more researching vehicles online before they ever enquire at a dealership.

While customers are still looking to dealerships to both test drive cars and to obtain more advice (69% ask the dealer for advice and are prepared to deviate from their online research when choosing their final car or options), customers are trusting professional reviews and consulting social media more and more before ever walking in to a showroom.

According to other research:

* 38% of consumers say they will consult social media in making their next car purchase

* 23% of car buyers say they use social media to communicate their purchase experience

* 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook, and 24% of them have used Facebook as a resource for making their vehicle purchases

This might not be new to you, as most dealerships across the world have adopted some sort of social media strategy and are using it to promote their dealership. 

Most however, aren’t maximising the opportunity of social media as dealership websites have become just another forum for the dealership to post their latest advertisements and promotions, getting little to actual new enquires coming from this source.

With car sales people being voted the “least trusted profession” in Australia for yet another year, why aren’t we doing more to build trust, communicate transparency, and make the car buying experience easier and more customer centric?

I’ve visited hundreds of car dealerships in the past 12 months, I am yet to hear ONE salesperson that tells me he is getting any more than one or two enquires a month coming through either the dealership social media, or their own personal social media.

This is a massive opportunity we must tap into, because as Bob Dylan correctly said “The times they are a changin”

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been consulting dealerships and sales people encouraging them to use their own social media accounts to build a personal brand that attracts customers into their dealership. I’ve shown them multiple case studies from the USA like Elise Kephart, formerly from Sunset Honda who used video and YouTube to connect with her customers, share client testimonials, and ultimately bring in a new stream of enquiry into her dealership.

Across the United States, there is a growing trend of this, and car sales people and dealerships are starting to see the massive reward. But spending my time in dealerships in Australia, we are WAY BEHIND the 8 ball with only a handful of people dabbling in building a personal brand and selling using social. Instead, most car salespeople are still only relying on walk in enquiry, phone enquiries and internet leads through third party sources like carsales.com.au

Some of the reasons why salespeople are yet to adopt a personal social media strategy I hear from salespeople consistently are:

* My dealership doesn’t allow me to do this
* I tried it for a while and didn’t get anything from it
* I don’t like seeing myself on camera
* It take’s too much time
* I don’t know how to do it

Let me however give you a case study from someone who is making it work for them instantly! 

I interviewed Shawn Hays from Hyundai of Saint Augustine, Florida this week for my MAX Sales Podcast. 

Shawn has been selling new and used cars for the past 10 years and always relied on the conventional methods of obtaining leads. After management encouraging him to build a personal brand earlier this year, Shawn decided to start a Facebook page and post both pictures of customers picking up their new car tagging them in, as well as short videos educating buyers on how he makes car buying easy. 

In just two and a half months he is getting over 1500 views to most of his videos and has started generating 3 additional sales per month directly from social media! Imagine those numbers in another 12 months!

After chatting with him, I realised how big the opportunity is and my goal is to help individual sales people and dealerships learn how to maximise personal social media accounts to drive new leads and sales.

So here are 3 simple things to get you started:

1/ Decide you must start or be left behind
As discussed in this article you have 2 choices. To start, or to get left behind. With social media growing at a rapid rate, this is a must to generate leads and start communicating with customers on a forum they are comfortable with

2/ Decide which social media channels you will use
There are so many, so which ones should you use? The answer is, where your customers are… You need to have a look at the demo graphic of people you sell most of the time to. If you are selling Hyundai’s on the Central Coast of New South Wales (The retirement village of Sydney) understanding most of your customers will be on Facebook. If you sell mainly to first time car buyers in the younger demographic, Snapchat would be the focus. Younger families, Instagram would be the choice. If you’re in Fleet Sales, I’d highly recommend Linkedin. 

Having said all of this, both Facebook and YouTube are a great place for you to start, regardless of your demographic.

3/ Develop content that customers will actually want to look at
Don’t just post your latest EOFY sales ad. I see lot’s of salespeople reposting these generic ads on their social media platforms with little to no engagement. 

Writing car reviews, doing comparisons, educating customers about the buying process in a dealership, sharing customer testimonies amongst other this are a great way to engage your audience.

If you’re a car salesperson in Australia, or even right across the world, you have a massive opportunity to generate leads and sales from this under-utilised strategy! Knowing how to do it right, and executing on it consistently is the key.

I’ve put together a FREE "Get Started Guide" To Social Car Sales with 10 strategies to get it working for you! 

Great selling!

Dave Benson
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